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Well graduation has come and gone and I don’t really feel any wiser, just far more tired and a little panicked about what to do for the rest of my life… On a more interesting and fun note, here’s breakdown of what I wore to graduation:

Commencement Ceremony and Graduation Lunch

I purchased this BCBG dress a month ago on a whim. I was popping into the mall to purchase a replacement for my dying Blackberry and made the mistake of parking at a department store entrance. The BCBG section was right inside the entrance and I walked out with this dress and some other items – and no phone (had to run to meet my boyfriend for dinner). The perils of parking in the wrong spot – on the bright side, I got a graduation dress!

The night before the ceremony I realized I hadn’t gotten shoes and was relieved to find out I’d owned a pair that matched. I paired it with a pair of classic Gucci Hollywood open toed pumps with light gold and crystal horsebit metal detail on the toes. I threw on an oversized pair of diamond stud earrings in a vintage design that complimented the crystal detail on the belt of the dress and a diamond tennis bracelet.

Graduation Dinner and Party

I paired it with bright silver leather slingback open toe pumps from Christian Dior, giant silver bangles, and simple black and white diamond hoop earrings.

I was happy about the way I look and thankfully both dresses were comfortable to be in all day and night.


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Mission|What to Wear: Graduation

My graduation is looming close and along with the usual companions it brings – finals, paper, projects, goodbyes, parties, final thesis – it also brings the question: what to wear? My schedule for the graduation day itself includes:

  • Commencement Ceremony
  • Graduation lunch: just me with family and close friends @ a restaurant
  • Graduation dinner: co-hosting a catered dinner party with my best friend (also graduating) @ the function room of one of our condo buildings.
  • Graduation party: until the wee hours of the morning @ a nightclub

So I will need at least two outfits: a daytime look for the ceremony and lunch, and a nighttime look for the dinner and party. I’m still looking for the perfect outfits and in searching, I’ve come up with some factors to consider when picking out graduation outfits:

  1. Graduation robe:
    Your outfit will be underneath a robe for the entire ceremony and you will be walking across stage in front of hundreds, maybe thousands, and photographed in that robe. So pick a dress with a clean silhouette because anything with a lot of volume will look really strange underneath the robe. For my undergraduate graduation, I wore a beautiful strapless, knee-length dress with a stiff, slightly trumpeted skirt (it had tulle underneath). It looked really awkward underneath my robe – at knee height, there was this slight outward bulge. I looked like I was smuggling a small hula hoop!

    Pair with bronze or nude accessories for a more classic look or dark wooden accessories for a funkier vibe (BCBG)

    Always allow a print dress to speak for itself and keep accessories to a minimum. Pair this with a neutral shoe and jewelry with clean lines (Diane von Furstenberg)

  2. Parents
    It is best to dress in a classic look on the more conservative side for the ceremony. You will be meeting many of your friends’ parents for the first time and a classic, conservative look will make a better impression on the parents than an outfit that the parents found distasteful.
    I had a very diverse group of friends in undergrad, most of them from Latin America and the Middle East, which are both religious and conservative cultures (at least in their parents’ generation). Knowing I would meet their parents, I picked something beautiful and classic, rather than sexy or trendy.
    If parents are not a good enough reason to dress more conservatively, think about it this way: it will be very embarrassing to show your children/grandchildren a photo of you wearing a cap, gown and skin-tight mini-dress with a plunging neckline or something overly trendy and dated. A classic look is timeless and always beautiful.

    Let this flower print speak for itself and pair it with nude or white sandals and simple jewelry (Tibi)

    Keep this simple or amp it up with brightly colored shoes (BCBG)

  3. Weather and time of year
    Think about the weather and time of year not only in terms of comfort for yourself, but also in terms of appropriateness. For a spring graduation, go for a lively color palette in light fabrics. Bold primary colors work well also as long as you keep the silhouette simple. Strapless, sleeveless, short sleeved, halter or something with straps work well for a spring setting. I would go for a dress or a top and skirt as opposed to pants or shorts because it is appropriate for the occasion and it will be the coolest (in terms of temperature, not awesome factor!). I’d advise not to wear dark colors – it’s a happy occasion so wear happy colors!
    I graduated in Florida and the ceremony let out just past noon – just in time for photos under a blistering sun directly over our heads. I wish I had picked something a little lighter as the raw silk of my dress was a little thick and the tulle made my sticky legs itch. Thank goodness for the strapless bodice!

    This would look great with big earrings and bangles and simple, strappy black sandals (BCBG)

    Accessorize with oversized wooden jewelry and cork shoes (Milly)

  4. Pictures!
    Needless to say, an abnormally large amount of photos will be taken on this day. Make sure your outfit is photogenic. Sometimes drapes, folds and prints might look amazing in person but not on camera. I’m sure many of you have seen celebrity red carpet mishaps where the dress photographed see-through and embarrassing pasties/underwear or worse, private parts, were revealed under the flash of the camera or sunlight! Graduation is an important milestone in your life so you want to be able to show your photos proudly in the future without being disappointed or embarrassed about your choice of outfit. Photo-proof your outfit by taking photos of yourself.

    This beautiful dress can stand on its own - just add a bracelet and you're good to go (Lafayette 148 New York)

    Balance bright, solid colored dresses with dark accessories (BCBG)

  5. Food
    I am a hearty eater who always ends up looking slightly pregnant after a meal so I’m debating whether I should limit my food intake at lunch and dinner or find a dress that will conceal a stomach bulge. I’m opting for the latter at lunch and the former for dinner, since I will be going straight to the club after dinner and I am slightly vain 🙂 . However if you are not as vain as me, you will have to consider the fact that you will have a bloated moment after dinner. Instead of a form fitting dress, try an empire waist dress, a slightly unstructured or flowy dress,  or even separates. Also, I’d shy away from white – you don’t want to accidentally spill food and have to go clubbing with a food stain on your beautiful outfit! I usually won’t wear white out partying either because oftentimes, partying can be messy with cranberry vodkas in the hands of drunken dancers!

    Pair this romantic dress with a long strand of pearls or go bold with coral or turquoise accessories (Rebecca Taylor)

Ethereal, girly and demure (Yoana Baraschi)

Girly and flirty with a subtle floral print (Yoana Baraschi)

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