Well graduation has come and gone and I don’t really feel any wiser, just far more tired and a little panicked about what to do for the rest of my life… On a more interesting and fun note, here’s breakdown of what I wore to graduation:

Commencement Ceremony and Graduation Lunch

I purchased this BCBG dress a month ago on a whim. I was popping into the mall to purchase a replacement for my dying Blackberry and made the mistake of parking at a department store entrance. The BCBG section was right inside the entrance and I walked out with this dress and some other items – and no phone (had to run to meet my boyfriend for dinner). The perils of parking in the wrong spot – on the bright side, I got a graduation dress!

The night before the ceremony I realized I hadn’t gotten shoes and was relieved to find out I’d owned a pair that matched. I paired it with a pair of classic Gucci Hollywood open toed pumps with light gold and crystal horsebit metal detail on the toes. I threw on an oversized pair of diamond stud earrings in a vintage design that complimented the crystal detail on the belt of the dress and a diamond tennis bracelet.

Graduation Dinner and Party

I paired it with bright silver leather slingback open toe pumps from Christian Dior, giant silver bangles, and simple black and white diamond hoop earrings.

I was happy about the way I look and thankfully both dresses were comfortable to be in all day and night.


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